Program description:
Monitors your IP address at regular intervals & reports via email when your IP address has changed. Can use either a specific URL on the internet or a Router to obtain the IP address. Will run from the console or can be installed as a Service on WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, Vista Win7, Win8 & Win10. Runs from console on all Win98 or higher systems. The program is FREE for non commercial use (Read license for further details). Supports sending email via your ISP or with GMail. Installation is easy, just unzip the file and run the program. This program does not contain spyware, ads, beg screens, or any other annoyances. New... Tested on Windows10.

A little history:
I needed to contact my pc when I was away from the office, but I didn't have a fixed IP address. My ISP changed the IP address every so often, so I needed a way to know the current IP address. The first version was written in WebBasic , and was very primitive, so I decided to try Python. This was my first attempt using Python , so it is a work in progress as I learn more about the language. I have been using RPG on IBM midrange computers since 1974, so this was a interesting exercise for me. I tried to make the program as flexible as possible and was able to use it on several routers. I hope you find it useful.

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